Thursday, January 05, 2006

Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

Electric and magnetic phenomena arise out of a fundamental property of matter known as charge. The two types of charges existing in nature and their interactions give rise to a number of interesting and useful phenomena. It is these interactions that provide strength to matter around us. The flow of charge provides us with the all useful electricity. These in form of magnetism are responsible for the working a large number of devices that include floppy disks, casettes etc. Earth's magnetism is responsible for the working of the magnetic compass.

Waves used for transmission of information and data, and light itself are formed out of oscillating electric and magnetic fields - arising from oscillating charges.

Most of the appliances and equipments that we use in our daily life like the computer, industrial machinery and home appliances are applications of principles of electricity and magnetism.

The various electric and magnetic phenomena are analyzed with the help of principles of potential and fields. A charged particle interacts with another charged particle by setting up electric and magnetic fields in space which in turn influence the other particle. These electric and magnetic fields themselves have rather interesting properties and as mentioned above, their oscillations turn up in the form of light and other electromagnetic waves.

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