Thursday, January 05, 2006

Applications of Electricity and Magnetism

Electric and Magnetic phenomena find applications in many fields of physics and technology. The discovery of electromagnetic induction and the subsequent invention of electic generator and the motor had revolutionised the development of technology.

Today the nature of Electric and Magnetic Fields has been well understood and various advanced devices are used that put them into use. Electromagnetic phenomena are used in therapy also. Infrared therapy and magnetic therapy are widely used.

Explore and read around some applications of electromagnetism -

Cherenkov Free Electron Laser - The CFEL uses a relativistic electron beam and generates a high power coherent radiation, acting as a laser. An interesting application of electromagnetism.

Noiseless, motorless and safer refrigerator - Using the Peltier effect (a thermoelectric effect), one can make a refrigerator that works without noise, or any running motors. It is also a safer method of refrigeration as it does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Earth's Behavior as a Magnet - Earth is well known to behave as a magnet. Loadstones were used in olden times to use this magnetism in navigation. Learn about the changing patterns in the magnetic field.

Electric Field in Conductors - Read about the interesting behavior of conductors in an electric field, the shielding effect in cavities, and why is it safe to sit inside the high voltage terminal of a million-volt van de graff generator.

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