Thursday, January 05, 2006

Applications of Optics

Optics and Optical phenomena find many examples in nature such as the formation of the rainbow, the phenomenon of mirage and twinkling of stars. There are many other applications of optics using lens systems, mirrors, lasers and diffraction gratings etc. Many beautiful experiments can be designed in Optics and put to various uses.

The field of ray optics is used to design and use the Microscope, the Telescope and cameras. There are various designs of the microscope which give different levels of magnification and resolution. The telescope, similary has different types of designs. Optics is also used in the design of precision components and systems. Precise instruments are important in machine design and testing.

Other applications include using spectrometers to analyze the spectrum of a source, and hence to deduce its characteristics. This method is called spectroscopy. Spectroscopy can be used to analyze the atomic structure of atoms, or the composition if a source.

The field of fiber optics is advanced and still a large amount of research is going on in fiber optics. This field is useful in communication systems. Fibers form the backbone of many communication systems.

Hologrpahy is yet another field of optics which holds promises in data storage.

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